“Next to my oncologist, I consider Dale to be a critical part of my treatment plan. Dale has so much experience, understood my side effects and built me exercise plans that worked for me.”
Prue, Breast Cancer, Mother of 3.


“Having been through breast cancer I could not have happened upon a more professional and dedicated team than the legends at MBC. Treatment really does take its toll. I have always exercised and been fit but with Lauren’s guidance and fabulousness I have reached fitness levels I haven’t seen in some time. I was trying to do it all myself but I was exhausted and making myself worse. Very clearly I was doing all of the wrong things. It wasn’t easy for Lauren to reign me in but with her firm yet gentle touch she got me there. It’s been a year since I started and I will continue with them for a long time to come. Because of them I am thriving. Don’t think about it just get out there and do it. You won’t regret it of that I can guarantee you.”
Narelle Rutherford – Breast Cancer


“Moving Beyond Cancer exercise physiologists provide a secure and non judgemental environment where they support and encourage you to achieve your personalised goals in accordance with your capability level, what ever level this might be.  After 24 weeks of chemo, 5 1/2 weeks of radiation and 3 operations over a 12 month period, exercise has and continues to play a fundamental part of my mind body and soul rehabilitation. The exercise physiologists at Moving Beyond Cancer understand the impact cancer treatment has on your body and they provide exercises that are specific to you and your needs.
Angela Jamieson   – Breast Cancer


“MBC is a unique exercise space with amazing trainers and insightful exercise physiologists that specialise in cancer exercise during treatment but are so knowledgeable, they can help with any body concerns. They helped me through my breast cancer journey with small group training but I keep going back for fitness assessments and support for any aches and pains. Give it a try and have a fitness assessment! You won’t regret it as they really put you on the right path and support you every step of the way. Thank you Dale Ischia and @MBC, I’d be lost without you!
Victoria Langdon   – Breast Cancer


“Pending a major operation, I was referred to Melbourne Exercise Physiology Group to get fit and focus on getting my body ready for post op rehabilitation. I appreciated their coaching and patience very much. Thanks to Lauren :)”
Gae Messina – post surgery


“Dale and the team are friendly, professional. They love what they do and are very competent in providing a safe and friendly place for you to improve your physical fitness and overall exercise needs. I highly recommend them to all.”
Liz Whyte


“Lauren Young has provided excellent professional service and greatly improved my well being . I am becoming much stronger and better balanced.
In addition Lauren has prompted me to address dietary and other issues which are related to the problem for which I first sought treatment.”
Alan Hunter


“I was so scared to exercise after major surgery and chemo, my body was ruined. I was so fit and strong before cancer so after I was afraid to hurt myself and unsure of my new limits. Dale gave me gentle movement exercises that were perfect. She is so knowledgeable and I felt safe in the hands of someone who treats other suffering the common side effects of cancer treatment.”
Jayne, Ovarian Cancer, Music Teacher


“Not only do I feel as though I benefit regarding fitness, now and during chemo/treatment, by being in classes with Lauren but there is a big social benefit for me to be in an exercise setting where I feel comfortable talking about cancer generally and socialising with other women who also have breast cancer. I give a big thank you to Belinda Yeo for referring me to your service and a huge thank you to you for providing the service.”
Jenny, Breast Cancer, 68 years


‘You’ll be glad to know I’ve kept up with the exercise, running regularly and some pilates and yoga here and there, the body’s feeling great! I can’t help but think that watching a ‘Catalyst’ episode on the importance of exercise physiology during chemo, thus meeting with you, has had a huge impact on my being able to remain positive throughout the process and able to receive such great results moving forward. I really can’t thank you and all the medical team I was lucky to have enough!’
Jane, 34 years, Bowel Cancer


“MEPG was suggested to me by my GP as a way to tone up, get fit and strengthen my body following 2 hip replacements, as I’d joined gyms and given up on them as they didn’t appeal to me. Lauren assessed me early 2019 and I’ve attended weekly classes since then. My fitness level, balance, weight bearing capacity and endurance have greatly improved and I plan to continue with the class. There are many things that make the difference for me at MEPG – the small class size, the individual attention, the personal programme created and monitored for me by Lauren, the supervision of my general health (e.g. BP/pulse monitoring as required), and the fact that it’s a great place to be while you work through your programme – there’s humour, music, entertaining conversation and, of course, Milly, the Golden Retriever therapy dog!”
Ann Campbell – Hip replacement


“At the end of 2019, I was diagnosed with the very early stages of cervical cancer. The specifics of my diagnosis & the future of my health were completely unknown. While I was on the waiting list for surgery, I felt like I had absolutely no control over my health & wellbeing. Completing a regular exercise program during this time not only was beneficial for my physical health, but my mental health. It gave me some of the power back & made me feel more in control of my health.

I have been working with Lauren for many years to manage multiple complex, chronic conditions. But I’ve never been more grateful to have her support, knowledge & guidance.

In the lead up to my surgery, Lauren helped me to remain focused on what I could control in regard to my health. I worked really hard, following the prescribed exercise program, in order to go into surgery in the best possible condition. Having a focus, some control over & achievable goals were paramount in staying sane while waiting for the specifics that surgery would show.

Since surgery, and adequate rest time – something Lauren has to work harder at enforcing than the program itself, we have begun to recondition my body.

I am very lucky to have received the all clear from my oncologist, with no additional follow up treatment required. The surgery has removed the cancerous masses & I only have to have yearly checks. It’s more important now than ever before to remain on top of my physical health, and with Lauren by my side, I know I’m in the best possible hands.”
Ebonie, Cervical Cancer, 20s.


“We were referred to Melbourne Exercise Physiology Group/Moving Beyond Cancer by the parents of one our son’s former school mates. They attended special school together some 15 years ago. The parents could not speak too highly of Lauren Young & the exercise physiology service she provides. One of the short term goals identified in our special needs son’s 2020 NDIS plan is to “continue to improve & maintain my physical health”. Our son has lived independently in a unit (with a lot of support) for some years. He has not been motivated to exercise & his general fitness has declined. With the objective of improving his fitness, as part of this year’s NDIS plan we decided he should engage in exercise physiology.

We should mention that last year – 2019 – we had attempted to implement a physiotherapist driven exercise program using an allied health worker. It didn’t work at all.

We met with Lauren Young in February. We outlined our goals – improved fitness, better posture & reduced weight. Lauren assessed our son’s current status & an appropriate exercise program.
Our son would complete the exercise program daily under the guidance of his support workers (he gets in home support 3 days per week) & us. We would have regular reviews with Lauren.  From that first session, we could not be more impressed with Lauren & the service she provides.

  • Lauren has a very professional yet remains warm & approachable. Nothing is too much trouble for her.
  • She has devised a series of exercises which are appropriate for our son. The exercises are
    regularly tweaked to ensure they are both do-able and stretching.
  • She has a sunny disposition, makes things fun & has quickly got onto our son’s wave length.
  • She has an excellent rapport with our son & has motivated him in a way others have been unable to do. Whilst at times he still loses focus, we feel he is making real progress.

We have also been very impressed with Lauren’s support staff. Those we have dealt with share Lauren’s sunny disposition & have been very helpful.
We have no hesitation in recommending Lauren and the Melbourne Exercise Physiology Group/Moving Beyond Cancer.”
Peter & Claire Bienvenu 13/5/2020


“I joined the Moving Beyond Cancer exercise physiology group in June 2016. I attend the group exercise class once per week on Monday mornings. The class is targeted for men dealing with prostate cancer which I was diagnosed with in 2013.

The classes consist of exercises tailored towards improving strength, balance and aerobic fitness. Whilst a lot of the exercises can also be done at home, I find it useful to attend in person once a week. The experienced and knowledgeable instructors at Moving Beyond Cancer can then ensure that I am doing the exercises correctly and prevent me from slipping into any bad habits. They also vary the program from time to time which helps to keep it interesting.

I also very much enjoy the camaraderie that develops during these group classes. After all, we all share similar experiences in managing our health issues.

I have benefited from attending Moving Beyond Cancer enormously both in terms of my physical and mental wellbeing.”
Simo Hakala, Prostate Cancer.


“I have been suffering back injuries and general back wear and tear due to my work for over twenty years. I had real concerns about my ability to continue in the in the work that I enjoy. Injuries were one thing but I was finding that my recovery time was taking longer and longer as I got older. I was finding I would aggravate an injury before it had had a chance to recover. Dale has given me back some of my lost flexibility and has shown me some of the habits my back has developed to try and compensate for its weaknesses. I now have an exercise program that has really helped to free up my back. What has been very noticeable is that after I have had an injury, my recovery time is greatly reduced. I do not hesitate to recommend Dale Ischia as an Exercise Physiologist, she is very knowledgeable and is very good at what she does.”
David Hanna, – Box Hill, Chronic Back pain

“After major abdominal surgery I was bedridden for months. It took seeing Dale to help me feel safe and confident enough to try the most basic movements like sitting up. She gave me very clear, safe and specific exercises to strengthen my body and helped me reach my goals. I saw results within a 2 weeks. I have continued seeing Dale, she keeps adapting a new program and teaching me new movements that increase my strength, help me decrease side effect pain and improve my overall wellbeing.”
Alexis – Melbourne

“Upon returning from a trekking adventure overseas, and with no symptoms that I could detect, a regular blood test quickly led to further tests. Within days I was shocked to be facing major abdominal surgery for aggressive cancer. This was followed a few weeks later by a regime of chemotherapy.

Without hesitation, the oncologist stressed the importance of a professionally advised, developed, and supervised exercise program. This was recommended to safely rebuild general muscle strength, core strength, and stability, and to help deal with the effects of the chemotherapy. The oncologist encouraged me to contact Dale Ischia.

After a detailed consultation, Dale provided a series of exercises, then patiently demonstrated them and supervised me in ensuring that I did those exercises correctly and safely. The online personalised PhysiApp video exercise program Dale provided so I could do the exercises at home was excellent. Dale monitored my progress through the App and updated my program at subsequent visits.

A personal objective was to develop sufficient core strength to go surfing again, albeit in small waves. I was able to do a bit of surfing seven months after surgery and three months after chemotherapy.

I attribute much of my recovery of flexibility and strength to Dale and her very professional, knowledgeable, and good-humoured attention to my condition, and patience with me. I would strongly recommend Dale to anyone recovering from cancer and needing an exercise physiologist.”
An Old Surfer – Cancer of the Ureter & back pain