Group Classes

We run the following groups:

Strong & stable – Click HERE to find out more

For strength, stability and balance. You perform your own individually prescribed program under supervision.

Men with a cancer diagnosis

Come join the other fellas, have a chat, exercise, bond. You perform your own individually prescribed exercise program under supervision.

Women with a cancer diagnosis

We welcome women with any diagnosis or stage of treatment. Come and exercise in a safe, accepting environment.

Advanced Group

Clients can graduate to this class. It is more high intensity with advanced exercises.

The pyschosocial benefits of exercising in a group are enormous.
Come and find where you belong.

  • Great way to share knowledge and experiences with others
  • Develop social connections to others in similar situations
  • Using Exercise Physiologists and their knowledge as an educational resource
  • Great for improving your mental and emotional wellbeing

Group Class Timetable

All group participants must undergo an assessment with us.
Please contact reception to set up an appointment. 98132189

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“This exercise group was a wonderful environment to recover from chemo. The ladies all shared common cancer experiences and we would all support each others weekly news; the pains and the success stories…The group was a supportive, safe place to get our bodies moving, it had a very positive impact on my recovery from major surgery and chemo.”
Alexis, 32, Melbourne, Ovarian Cancer Survivor

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