noun: deconditioning
  1. 1. cause to lose fitness or muscle tone, especially through lack of exercise.
    “sedentary lifestyles that decondition their bodies”

The deconditioning process can effect all people suffering with an injury or condition that prevents them from doing normal activities.
We all know how unfit we feel if our injury prevents us from doing our normal exercise or activities.
Exercise Physiologists prescribe exercise so that the deconditioning process does not occur, or reverse this process if it has already begun.

People with chronic injuries (i.e. they have been around for 3 months or more) are often afraid to start exercising as the pain and disability the injury brings them is too much to bear.

A graduated, well monitored program prescribed by exercise professional who have helped many people in your situation before should alleviate your concerns and get you back into exercise, feeling good about yourself and taking control of your situation.

Time and time again the psychological benefits of getting into exercise for a chronic injury sufferer are just as great as the physical benefits.