Back Pain

A strong, stable and flexible back can withstand the stresses of life. The majority of back problems/injuries can benefit from properly prescribed exercise. A stronger, more flexible back, combined with greater endurance capabilities of the supporting muscles is able to cope a lot better if a vertebrae or disc is injured or stressed.

The idea of wearing a back brace is to support the spine and its many structures while it is subjected to load stresses. The use of a brace is appropriate when the stress is beyond what your own muscles can cope with. Through exercise we aim to develop the strength and endurance of your own muscular corset to actively protect you all the time. You may have heard of Pilates or Lumbar stabilisation exercises. These types of exercises are designed to strengthen the muscular corset. We teach you the correct technique in activating these muscles and applying this technique to other exercises and activities within your daily life.

In the gym
Some people may have even injured their back while performing exercises in the gym. This is why an Exercise Physiologist is so important. We will design you a program that will not only rehabilitate your current injury, but significantly reduce the likelihood of reoccurrence.