Open Day Party

Our Open day was a huge success. Everyone enjoyed the champagne challenges, beautiful food and inspirational speakers. Please check out the videos of our speakers below.
Held during Exercise Right Week, our Open Day reflected on the benefits of exercise for health and well-being, and was hosted by our very own Dale Ischia, who is celebrating a quarter of a century as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist. Dale was joined by Lauren, Steph and Matt from the team at Melbourne Exercise Physiology Group/ Moving Beyond Cancer, along with exclusive guest speakers that include a highly regarded urological surgeon and accredited exercise physiologist.


Nicole Cooper’s Speech of determination in cancer.


A/Prof Joseph Ischia’s Speech on What Prostate Cancer has learnt from Breast Cancer


Damian Krokos

From Active Feet talked to us about the correct footwear choice for you.


Celebrating World Cancer Day

To celebrate World Cancer Day on February 4th we asked some of our clients how exercise has helped them and why they came to Moving Beyond Cancer


We look forward to having you join us on a future occasion.

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