Dale is back!

I’m back! After 2 years enjoying the great outdoors in Vancouver Canada, I have returned to MEPG with a new focus in my Exercise Physiology practice.

While in Vancouver did further training with the American College of Sports Medicine gaining Cancer Exercise Specialist qualification and worked at Back on track Fitness, moving beyond cancer, where I learned a whole lot about cancer recovery and rehabilitation.

I will continue to treat musculoskeletal and balance issues as well as people with a cancer diagnosis.

I am really excited about this new challenge of helping people recover from cancer and cancer treatment. There is a lot of supporting evidence on the benefits of exercise and it allows me to draw on all my experience in treating people with musculoskeletal issues, chronic fatigue, balance issues, pain management, strength and cardiovascular training.

I will be contactable on the same phone number: 0407 118 818

Or email me at: dale@www.mepg.com.au