Do you suffer from cramps?

muscle cramps

Hello Everyone! One topic Dale and I are asked to comment on frequently is cramps; Why do they happen? How can I stop them? Should I be worried? I have done some research for you and put together a fact sheet. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us Speak
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Big warm welcome to Lauren

  Lauren is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist with a Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology. Over the past two years Lauren has worked in private practice prescribing exercise for a wide range of conditions and has previous experience working in both public and private hospitals. Lauren is passionate about providing treatment that is client-centred and improves
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Cancer and your balance

Good balance, whether you are standing still, walking your dog or climbing a mountain, depends upon having a strong, flexible, and agile body. However, when you are dealing with cancer and treatment, your balance can be negatively affected in a number of ways. The good news is that exercise can counteract these negative effects and
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Aquatic exercise cancer

Swimming laps is not the only thing you can do in a pool. Aquatic exercise includes a broad range of activities and exercise that can be done in water, such as walking, stretching, deep water running, pushing floats and paddles around for increased resistance, cycling while lying on a noodle, stomping on a noodle, attaching
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Dale is back!

I’m back! After 2 years enjoying the great outdoors in Vancouver Canada, I have returned to MEPG with a new focus in my Exercise Physiology practice. While in Vancouver did further training with the American College of Sports Medicine gaining Cancer Exercise Specialist qualification and worked at Back on track Fitness, moving beyond cancer, where
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Cancer Exercise Trainer

It’s official! Dale has received her certification from ACSM as a Cancer Exercise Trainer. There are so many immediate, late and persistent effects of Cancer treatment that need to be considered when prescribing exercise to people with a Cancer diagnosis. This qualification has also highlighted the importance of evidenced based practice. When you have been
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Cancer & Exercise Experience for Dale

I am in the home stretch of my time in Vancouver, Canada. We moved our family here for my husband’s Urology Fellowship. It has been an amazing experience from all aspects. Professionally I felt it was time to add a new specialisation to my Exercise Physiology knowledge. I chose Cancer rehabilitation. More and more evidence
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A warm welcome to Janine Foot

I am very excited to welcome my long time professional mentor Janine Foot to MEPG. She has a vast depth of knowledge and experience in the Exercise Physiology field. Her professional manner is warm but to the point. I trust her completely to take care of all clients during my absence.